Drones, Home Technology and IoT – Oh My

Drones, Home Technology and IoT (Internet of Things)… oh My

There are tons of fun things entering the marketplace.  These are nine (9) that I absolutely love.

If you are looking for an unexpected gift or want to know what is coming down the pike, take a look.

You can scroll down to see products, but here’s what’s below.  All the images link to company websites.

  1. Intelligent Brushes
  2. Scan to Cook – Stoves
  3. Robots to help around the house
  4. Thermo Glasses
  5. Submarine Drones
  6. Facial Recognition Payment Systems
  7. Therapeutic Pet Robot
  8. 360 Portal — Visual Experiences – Please look at this one.  Promise amazing. Watch videos too.
  9. Massage Chair – New spin

Love because I have a ton of hair…. An Intelligent Brush.

Hair Coach smart hairbrushes are displayed at the

Hair Coach smart hairbrushes uses sensors to track hair damage and will, via a smart-phone app, offer recommendations and advice on hair care.  Not by this manufacturer, but there is a tooth brush and skin analyzer with smartphone app.

Scan-to-Cook technology  — Hello .. Love

Whirlpool's Scan-to-Cook technology is demonstrated at CES 2017

A Whirlpool app can scan the UPC barcode on a grocery item and the Scan-to-Cook technology detects and recognizes the food and sends cooking instructions to a Whirlpool kitchen product to assist in its preparation.  Now if there is a robot to finish the job, then we really have something.

AvatarMind iPalSocial Companion Robot

AvatarMind iPal social companion robot for children, elder

Children, elder care and hospitality all will have a new pal.  This dancing, story-telling robot can play games and music and has 25 motors enabling it to make human-like movements. Parents can remotely control it with a phone to monitor their children or video chat with them from anywhere. People can also ask the robot to contact those with the app.  Although they look a smidgen less human, there are also robots that now mow the lawn and clean the house.

ThermoGlass  — Doesn’t this look like it came from an action movie or James Bond?

The ARSENZ ThermoGlass, which enables the user to

For instance, the Arsenz ThermoGlass makes it simple to quickly and safely check electricity problems in panels and wires.  Or in security systems to see intruders.  I think they also used something like this for Ghost Hunters, but that wasn’t on the Arsenz web page.

Submarine Drone – This is just cool

A submarine drone is displayed at the Robotix

Can you say … no need to snorkel anymore ?   With the increasing popularity of flying drones, underwater drones are appearing on the market.  Submarine drones, using a GoPro inside, are used by scientists and the army, but hobbyists enjoy them too. They can maneuver and withstand more extreme conditions such as strong underwater currents.

Hobbyists  consider it a new way to explore and capture some unique photographs and videos.  By gaining access to areas where divers would not go, we can see underwater wildlife that are down deep in lakes and oceans.

Facial Recognition Payment Systems

An Alibaba employee demonstrates 'Smile to Pay', an

Forget Google Wallet, soon you can pay for things be smiling.  Yup facial recognition software for making payments at the store and online.

Therapeutic Pet Robot

A show attendee pats Paro, a therapeutic robot

Pats Paro, a therapeutic robot for people allergic to animals.  I’m sure much easier to bring on a plane with you.  Right now they have seals and dogs.   I love the idea of comfort animals.  So this is super great.

360 Portal — Visual Experiences

Global Imagination's 'The Magic Planet VR Sphere' that

There are two (2) versions from Global Imaginations.  One for educations and one for entertainment or corporate use.  The idea revolves around shared experiences.   The education version is a super database that projects info and images in a complete 360 view. The entertainment/corporate version uses a database but also allows you to upload your info into the globe. This one is so cool, I’m attaching the videos.  For educators and entertainment/corporate/scientific use.

Novo Massage Chairs

Weary attendees sample Novo massage chairs from Human

From Human Touch, features 30 auto-wellness programs including zero-gravity rocking, lumbar heat, full foot and calf massage and cloud touch acupressure.  Time to snuggle and relax.

You’re welcome!

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