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Non-Millennials Live  …


We are over 35 (actually over 45 … definitely Non-Millennials). We are early adopters, engaged, thinkers who enjoy what’s happening in our lives, careers and the world.  We’ll talk about all of these things here.

Our Story

Although parents of three (3) great Millennials, over the last few years we have had multiple experiences where unrelated Millennials have been puzzled by our abilities.   So we want to open a dialogue giving a voice to those over and under 35 to discuss how we all have value.

Meet the Team

This is really a life blog and we are open to consulting some too.  Dedicated to creating understanding and acceptance, we want to be responsive and considerate of all viewpoints.  Take a look at our bios and you’ll learn more about our humanity, skills, views and quirks.

Maryanne – Chief Blogger

Having owned a technology start-up and run some big-company marketing departments as well as some innovative agency consulting, Maryanne has a love of technology, data, words, imagery and people.  Asking questions and learning is a part of her every conversation and day.

This actually me 🙂

As a Millennial mom from Italian-American heritage, you will see her intelligence yield to passion when she discusses parenting and behavior.  If you see the word “Madonna” in a post, it doesn’t mean she’s paying homage to the Material Girl, but that she has achieved a loss for words or a level of shock and disbelief. And once you get to know her, you’ll see her being speechless is rare.

Tackling the big questions of the world as well as the everyday ones is something she is willing to do with thought and humor.

If she’s not reading her news scrape’s politics or technology stories, she’s exploring a new destination or cooking a recipe she’s never tried before for guests.  But don’t let that fool you, she also binge watches Bravo and  Netflix shows as if they are SnapChat videos.

You’ll find her open and fair in her opinions and willing to change her position if someone presents compelling facts or an opportunity to look at things in a different way.

Her motto:  There’s more than one way to approach every challenge.



Chip – Key contributor

Scientist, workout freak and all-around great guy, Chip is a creative problem-solver who sees opportunity and invention everywhere he goes.

Chip looks at the world through an optimistic eye.  This has helped him develop compounds and solutions for prominent chemical and manufacturing companies across the globe.

His travels have given him a view of people and culture that few have.  He can transcend US norms and sees the position and obstacles of other nations.

His Millennial experiences are flavored with compassion.

He loves the outdoors, weather events (hail and tornadoes especially), snorkeling and cozy hiking spots in the Adirondacks.   His smart house is a blast to visit.

Every morning he starts his day asking Alexa to tell him a joke as he waits for his morning coffee to brew.

His motto: Everyone has a great story to tell.



Speaking of everyone … Family, friends and people with a considered observation to share are welcome to contribute to our posts.

Next Steps…

Read our blog, respond to our posts and social media and let’s see where we go.

Give us Story Ideas

Feel free to email us privately if there’s a topic you want covered or story told.