Social Media Personalities in My World

Social Media Personalities

Today I happened to run across two stories listing the different types of social media personalities.  Then, I started to laugh because people in my social media world are none of those listed.  If you want to just see my list, scroll down to the bottom.

List one from the UK

Well actually in this list I have two that could go with those in my personal list.  See of you can guess which ones.

1. The oversharer

They share every minutia detail of their life on every social media site. Example: posting about how long their friend’s ( not even their) run was on every social media platform.

2. The proud parent

“Look at my beautiful daughter getting 12 A*s in her GCSEs” easily translates as “I am an amazing parent with some pretty fantastic genes, right?”  Let’s face it, all our kids are awesome at something and they deserve a post but it’s their accomplishments, not their parents.

3. The person who can’t use social media

I’m not even going to share the write up on this one.  It’s adorable when my older relatives  write to me as if a letter vs  a post.  It’s also sweet that they like every picture I post from a vacation.  If I’m super happy for one of my friends, I like every picture too.

4. The most boring person in the world

You know you should unfollow them, but you keep them around just to show your friends how boring this person is. To me, they should not be unfollowed;  how about asking what they think of something or sending a private message checking on how they are.

5. The demanding person

This will be the person who sends 40 tweets a day asking for help. “Does anyone know a good builder in Shropshire?”  No idea why they can’t use a search engine;  BT’s more than £3bn investment in superfast broadband should help them find the answers.

6. The ones who selfie all the time

A total of 48pc of Brits say not having access to the internet leads to loneliness, so what better way to combat that by posting selfies and waiting for the likes to roll in?  Wow!

7. The ones who want to debate everything

“I really hate David Attenborough” said no one ever, apart from the person gunning for a fight on social media. Perhaps, their goal is show off their on-point debating skills.

8. The truly hilarious person

There’s always somebody who shares the best meme or writes the funniest joke. This is (probably) why BT rolled out fibre broadband across the UK, so we could get the funny person’s social media posts superfast and brighten up our day.

A completely different list of social media personalities

This list is just out there.  It was written by someone who actually works for a social media company.

Her’s his list:

1. The Social Athlete

This is the person who posts pictures of themselves working out.  Then it goes on to say all these other traits such as serious, quiet, good concentration, etc.

This actually the person Planet Fitness would not let in

2. The Social Luddite

This is supposed to not like change or technology.  It’s suggested they are quiet and reluctant to participate on social media.  Um why are they on social media then  I know a bunch of people who aren’t.  No one forces you to get a FaceBook page; or do they?

3. The Social Nurturer

The are warm-hearted, popular and conscientious.  Usually put the needs of others above their own needs.  They are big users of multiple emoticons.   Sanz the emoticons, this is what most of my friends are like.

4. The Social Lazies

This description made no sense.  It reads they are quiet, reflective & idealist but also run online communities & has many profiles.  Then go dormant.

5. The Social Geek

These people are Independent, original, analytical and determined.  They think long range. Have very high standards for their performance and the performance of others.  Their profile picts: are Photoshop’ed — includes a Star Wars character, attractive girls or tech CEO’s.

6. The Social Doer

Friendly, adaptable & action-oriented. “Doers” are focused on immediate results but are also impatient with long explanations.  Not usually respectful of laws & rules if they get in the way of getting things done. Photos: feature drunken escapades or extreme sports.  This is a mish mush of several people I know.

7. The Social Lurker

The social lurker reads posts, but never posts and their profile is absent or a default image with basic information.

8. The Social Inspirer

Considered ethusiastic, idealistic and creative; able to do almost anything that interests them: and, often have the best personalized wall papers on their Twitter pages

9. The Social Ranter

  • They are quick to share their ideas and beliefs, sometimes in a single stream of information.  They see everything from the human angle and dislike impersonal analysis.  A soapbox hero.

10. The Social Visionary

Creative, resourceful and intellectually quick. Enjoy debating issues and may be into “one-up-manship.”  They may neglect the more routine aspects of life.

My social media personalities world

First I adore all my social media contacts because they are all people I actually know.  Here’s my list:

Family and friend lover: They are supportive and they put family and friends first.  This is true in their posts and pictures.

Food maker:  One thing for sure, my friends have the best recipes and post pictures of what they made; and they all look delish.

Food poster:  Many of the food makers are also recipe posters.  Other’s aren’t  I have been in other online communities and no one, I mean no one posts food like my friends.

Hilarious:  I know this was on one of the other lists, but in my social media world, there are people who are great at telling jokes, great at being self-depreciating, willing to post pictures of themselves that are less than flattering but so so funny.

In this category, I also have the “thank you and good night, tip your waitress and try the veal; I’m here til Tuesday’s”   These are the people who respond to posts with one liners.   These are the people when I see their names in my list of notifications, I immediately click because I know there is a gem waiting to be read.

Point of viewers:  There are several people who have considered points of view.  Sometimes they are shared strongly,  however, they read and consider others comments.  Well most of the time.

Memory makers: In my social media world, I have people who post great memories, pictures and nostalgia that make you say, “OMG, I forgot all about that.”

Supporters: Over the last few years, people have had different life challenges whether health, family, just miss someone and other things.  In this social media world, they can rely on the community to write the right thing to support them.  And it’s not just a couple posts, it’s tons of response posts.

The Vacationer:  When people post their vacation pictures, I love it.  And when they post while they are away, I love it even more.  If I ever post from Greece, You know I;ve hit my bucket list.

Post Clicker:  I always take screen shots or links of posts and send them via text to other people.  In case they don’t see it on their own.

The Pisano: I am lucky enough to have grown up in a community where we love Italian food, culture and slangs.  So there is an unspoken understanding.

There may be more.  The thing I don’t have are the people that over-selfie, no real braggers, or tech nerds, or mean-spirited people.  My social media world is fun, friendly and encouraging.

Welcome to my world.  And, thank you for being part of it.

If I missed a personality type, let me know.




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