The Intern (2015) – A Must Stream – See the Layers

by Maryanne

Not Your Average Romcom

RomComs are the best; and Romcoms with a twist … even better.  The thing I love more than Romcoms is looking at things from different perspectives.

“The Intern” (by Nancy Meyters and Warner Brothers) is one of the movies that does this.

However, the twist I see isn’t the relationship between the Robert DeNiro character and the Anne Hathaway character.  It’s the different layers of the movie.

The Layers

If you’re a Millennial, you see a cool startup in an open loft with people dressing casual and doing digital marketing and horsing around some at work where quirkiness is welcome.

If you’re Gen X, you see a relationship with norms different than your parents.

If you’re a boomer, you see that we all have more in common than everyone thinks.

If you are a post-war cohort (yup that’s the generation before boomers), you see a level of class in the DeNiro character.

For me, I think this is a must see movie for everyone, especially Millennials.

The thing I love about the Intern character (DeNiro) is his subtleness.

The Class

He observes. He is quiet, but present. He shares his thoughts in a gentle, but poignant way.  He has humor.  He has discretion.  He accepts others regardless of their different views.  He openly learns.  He shows initiative and consistently tries to add value.  He has values that include respect and kindness.  He is undeterred, but doesn’t offer his insights until the time is right.

Those are traits that everyone responds to regardless of age.

The storyline presents simple and light-hearted with a few issues thrown in to create some drama to resolve.  It implies some girl power for appeal, but feels Romcom.  If you look deep, the movie offers an experience far above a Romcom.

Worth a watch.  If you’ve seen it already, watch it again, I’ll bet you catch human elements you didn’t see the first time.

Let me know if I missed any layers.


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