Christmas Songs I’ve Never Heard

Christmas Songs I’ve Never Heard

A week or two ago, a friend of mine, had a Christmas song on her post that I had never heard before.  Then, today, another friend had a clip of a song with David Bowie singing with Bing Crosby; and, I also had never heard that one before.  It got me wondering … how many other Christmas songs I’ve never heard.  So, I went on a mission to find some Christmas songs that are good,  but  new to me. Oh and the songs are from all different styles of music.  So scroll, listen and get a little more of that holiday spirit.

If people send me more videos, I’ll do another post on this topic. 

Let me start with the ones I saw in friends posts

It’s a Marshmallow World – Dean Martin – There are parts of this video that are fresh and racy, even by 2017 standards

David Bowie and Bing Crosby – Little Drummer Boy.  Let me just say how cute is David Bowie.  If it was today, he would of been in a boy band; but we would have missed a ton of good music.

Here are 15 Christmas Songs I’ve Never Heard Before

  1. I Heard The Bells on Christmas Day

This is such a sweet song.  Some versions had choirs singing, but they were home videos.  If you aren’t worried about sound quality, go listen to some of the choir versions.

2. Underneath the Tree

Totally unintentional that the song above and this one are former American Idol contestants.   I always love Kelly Clarkson.  She sounds great.

3.  Christmas in Blue Chair Bay – Kenny Chesney

I have never heard this before, but I have seen Kenny Chesney in concert.  He has high energy from the second he walks on the stage to the second he takes his last encore… A blast.

4. There’s a smidgen of a musical lead in but the (I think 1940s) dance scenes are pretty fun to watch.   It’s called “What Will Santa Claus Say”, by Louie Prima.

4a. I’ve never heard this one.  It’s only  40 seconds.  The original is 2.40 sec.  But it is just a picture of old xmas lights in the box as the image.  So I went with this one.  Maybe I’ll do 16 songs if I can find one more.

5. I may have heard this before, but not sure enough.  So I’m adding it.  It’s Run DMC – Christmas in Hollis

6.  I remember Tom Waits in the 80s, but this doesn’t seem like his regular style.  But it’s a Christmas song I’ve never heard; so into the list it goes.  Maybe I’m thinking of someone else.  It’s  John Waite who I’m thinking of.

Just a few more for our list … but there are a ton more Christmas songs I’ve never heard.

7.  This one is just crazy.  It’s 14 minutes long, but only 4 min of it is the song.  It’s pretty fun.  It starts with a dialogue that made me laugh too.

8. This one I’m adding because it has Guy Lombardo in it with the Andrew Sisters.  An odd little fact,  Guy Lombardo is my 6th cousin.  Lol.

I know; I’m almost famous. When you think of Christmas songs I’ve never Heard or you’ve never heard, you can think of me.

I also have another cousin, Anthony George (real name Octavio Gabriel George)  who was part of the original cast of Dark Shadows then later Search for Tomorrow and One Life to Live.  Also The Untouchables, etc.

Our family called him Oct.  If you know the scene from the movie The Godfather when all the family makes a fuss when the famous singer shows up.  That’s what my family was like when Oct showed up.  Very nice gracious man.

9. Oi to The World .. No Doubt.  Gwen Stephani is on “The Voice” now.  Such a beautiful woman.  I kinda am wondering if she’s had some freshening.  Just sayin’.

10.  Never heard this …but love the Ramones rhythm.

Here’s something I should be ashamed to admit.

11. OMG … I loved the Archies.  They are the only comic books I ever bought.  Oh I have to go see if the Batman TV show had a Christmas song.  That show had that same cheeky feel.  One sec.   It doesn’t exist.  The only thing is the Jingle Bells Batman Smells” one.  Ick.

11a. I think I’ve heard this before… but sharing it for two reasons.  The beginning sounds like the music that they listened to in the “Night at the Roxy ” movie.  And, I either heard it in the movie Pretty in Pink or wait.  Just Googled it … it was in an SNl skit.

12. Coldplay is one of those bands that I like some of their songs, but never know it’s them.  If someone asks me if I like Coldplay, I say, “I think so.”   Wow! I like this song a lot.

13.  Gotta have some classics (that I’ve never heard).  My dad liked Perry Como; so into the list.  My standards are very flexible.

13 a) I’ve heard this before, but it is such a fresh take on it.  I’m adding it in.  I guess that makes three that don’t count, but are added.

14. Come On … It’s the Twist and Christmas.

Although I could keep finding more songs, I’m almost done.

And, the final song I’m telling you I’ve never heard is ….

15.  Here’s one from one of the original boy bands.  What was the sequence ….New Kids, New Edition, Nsynch then Boys to Men?  Not sure.  Anyone know?

And two for my mom and dad .. that I have heard.

And, One for Me

I just heard this on Alexa in a Christmas song list.  So Adorable … bummed I could not find a video of it.  This song starts with Brad Paisley’s first performance when he was 13, then transitions to his voice today.  Loved it.

Let me know if you liked any of these.

Hope you had fun  watching and listening.  If you like this post or others, please share them with your friends.

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