Are You an Over-the-Top Mom?

Over-the-top Mom

Like most moms, there are times I may go over-the-top.

However, I do not think I do.

Things I have Done/Do

Since college became a part of our life …I send care packages every month.

These package all have themes.  Most go with holidays.  Most include home made food as well as snack favorites.  And, I always include a card.

Since I adore the friends and roommates, I have their phone numbers and emails and occasionally write or txt to wish them luck or check on them.

I also do this for our college students.

Last week, I brought a non-alcoholic champagne breakfast to school for 7 kids.  This included paninis, scrambled eggs, pumpkin spice and cinnamon pancakes, sausage, fruits, whipped cream and coffee cake muffins.

Other foods sent have included brownies, lasagna, sauce, meatballs and sausage, birthday cake and surprise pizza.  I feel like there is more but this is all I can remember at the moment.

Other Things

I have memory boxes for every year since birth.

In fact, between the boxes and other saved momentous,  I have a storage unit with everything in it.

Wrote a daily journal of everyday of life till three.

Had monthly birthday parties until 2 and a half.  Books and cupcake were the usual presents.

Would get up on Saturdays and search for unique things going on in the area creating adventures.

I also used to pack the car for anything that could happen.  So extra clothes, snacks, games, videos, toys, sun screen, Purell, wipes, etc.

One time, when M3 was old enough to put on his own shoes, we got to Newport, RI, only to find he got in the car without any shoes.

So we had to go to buy a pair of sneakers before going to one of the mansions that was having a life-size chess game where kids got to be pieces.   🙄

After reading parenting magazines, we would pull out craft projects and put them in a big basket.  On rainy days, we would go and find a project to do.

If dinosaurs were the current interest, we went to museums both local and in other states.

Recreational classes included munchkin cooking, tiny tumblers, pre-school Spanish and French,  Considered Mandarin too, but felt that was too far.

Attended every sporting event.

One one occasion, I had a snack favorite and a child actually told the coach he was leaving the game to have a snack.

Organized before school year parties for the class for the upcoming year.

Still not over the child who threw up in a bouncy house. 

Volunteered at school through high school.

Included friends into almost all activities as well as they were always welcome in our home.

Have a boat load of pictures and videoes including ones that separate out areas of special interests.

Brought specific questions to every parent teacher conference.

If traveling on business and family came, brought things to decorate the room so everyone would feel at home.

Bought gifts beyond means for every holiday.

Traveled on vacation to fun places and educational ones.

For my New England friends, even Yankee stadium.  Relax we went to Red Sox games too.  Mostly when they played the Yankees.

Am I a Goner Over-the-Top Mom?

That’s the sentiment of friends and family.

Please someone tell me I’m not Mrs. Goldberg and that you have done crazier things than me.

Let’s hear your over-the-top mom stories.