True Story – In Your Face Troller

Iphone Troller

When you are selling a major project into a large organization, you can get the buy-in from an executive.  But he/she then defer you to an employee on their team to implement.

The Fav Tool of the Troller

Enter the IPhone loving analyst.

I sat across from this 28 year old who did not look at me but was truly engaged with his IPhone.

The Troller Begins His Work

His first quest was … “what’s your name?”    I answered.

He said, “oh here you are on LinkedIn”

I said there are a couple.  He said no it’s your company.  It’s you.

Ok ,,, on to business.

I started describing how to begin the vetting process to match my technology to their business.

He was still glued to his phone.  Did you grow-up in NY?

“Yes, loved it there,” I said.

He trolled me right in front of my face for 15 minutes asking identifying but not really personal questions  before engaging in the real conversation we were there for.

The sad thing is that this is behavior you wouldn’t accept from your own child.  However, this person was the gatekeeper to moving a project ahead.  So I had to politely sit there and interject.

Welcome to crazy town.

Has anyone trolled you right to your face?