Mean People – I Don’t Like ‘Em

Mean People - No Likie

Mean People – I Don’t Like ‘Em

Over the last few days, I have encountered several people who were unkind for no reason whatsoever.  So, I thought it was time for someone to declare — Mean People – I Don’t Like ‘Em.  Here are my examples of the meanies.  Tell me if you agree.

The Potential Meanies

Someone sent me an email saying that they think our little, happy, peppy and bursting with love blog is a monetized site trying to hide money.   This blog is written for friends and family and people who are interested in our topics or want to see what it’s all about.   There are no ads, no requests for money (not even for charity), nothing of the kind, in any way.  So I declare these people  meanies.  Next …

We were attending a gathering and someone was there who decided to make everyone aware how much money they had, all the property they own and how difficult it is to manage help especially building contractors.  In their process of sharing their perils, they made numerous comments saying no one there could possibly know the pressure that comes with being so “comfortable.”  Then went on to discuss their investment portfolio.  And concluded that no one there could know how the market works.  Pretty rude, because I knew many people there and know one used to work as a senior financial person.  Because that person actually was smart, they said nothing.  So, I declare these two over braggers … Mean People – I don’t like them.

This one isn’t that mean, but, I’m still adding it to the list.  We had asked someone to keep a secret about a Christmas present we were buying someone.  It is something that is going to make the person, who gets the gift, life much easier.  This person needs some help with their house.  We asked someone to take the person, who we are surprising, out so we could get in the house and measure some things.  Well the distracting person told her what we were doing.  So the surprise is ruined.

Observed Mean People – I Don’t Like ‘Em

We were out and the cutest little boy was playing.  He was smiling and running around and just being a boy.  The father said it was time to go.  The little boy said,  “can’t we stay a little longer.”  The father said, “no.”  So the little boy ran a little then turned around.  The man picked up the child so viciously and was carrying him by the arm.  The child looked scared to death.  We were at a public place.  There were police around as well as, who appeared, to be the boy’s mother.   No one did a thing.  We went over to an officer asking if they saw what was happening.  The officer said, “it’s his kid, as long as no real harm is done, there’s nothing they could do.”  Let me state unequivocally no one should ever be so mean to a child.  Period.

I happened to be present when someone made a huge life decision.  Huge.  She shared she didn’t sleep the night before.  She was up all night making this decision.  The person told her family her decision.  Instead of validating that it was a great decision and something she would be happy about as well as say “We will help you make this happen.  Let us handle the details and we will make this easy for her.”  She was attacked.  Her decision was aggressively questioned, belittled and treated with eye-rolling and an attitude that this was the biggest inconvenience imaginable .  It absolutely is not.  What needs to happen may take a little time, but it’s something people do everyday.

The Last One of the Mean People – I Don’t Like ‘Em Post

Based on what I overheard, there was a person who had a tragic life experience.  The person sitting next to her asked, with no grace, a very personal question in a blunt fashion.  No acknowledgement that I’m sure this situation is hard.  The person just asked two, what I can only imagine, very harsh questions about facts of the incident.  The person answered and the other person asked for no clarification or context.  She just nodded her head with judgement.  As they say on the east-side … what a goof.

So, with this holiday season, let’s have understanding and humbleness.  Let’s be kind and empathetic.  Let’s think before we speak.  And be patient when we think being in a hurry is the reality (because it’s really not).  Let’s walk in each others shoes.  And let’s try to have compassion for all the mean people, because maybe some kindness can help them see there are other ways to do things.

Instead of saying Mean People – I don’t like ’em, I should say, I pray that you find peace and care in your heart that you may have forgotten is there.

Oh and if you need a smile, please click on the happy and peppy and bursting with love link.  It’s the video of the Odd Couple. Hilarious!