Gained My Holiday Weight A Week Too Early

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Holiday Weight Conundrum

Next week starts the holiday season.  Everyone plans for the expected weight gain.  Some people lose weight beforehand to plan ahead.  Others decide they’ll lose it after the New Year.  However, what do you do if you took a different approach? Because, I gained my holiday weight a week too early.

It’s not something I’m bragging about.  I just can’t believe I did it.  Really, I don’t know how I did it.

Well I do actually … our life has been busy lately and we have been eating out more than usual.  Let’s face it, at a restaurant a salad has more calories than one you make at home.  But, ordering one makes me feel as if I’m trying to be healthy.  It also gives a great excuse to have a Rum Runner with dinner.   Or, a coconut rum and pineapple.  Sometimes it’s hard to decide.

And who can resist that?

So now what choices do I have?  I’ve already Gained My Holiday Weight a Week Too Early

Do I just roll with it and lose 20 pounds in January vs 10?

Perhaps, I tell everyone Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years will be carb- free?

Is this the time for me to go Vegan?

Do I say please don’t pass the potatoes or apple pie?  That’s not happening.

I can begin to celebrate Kawanzaa and Festivus; they don’t have food as a major factor.  Do they?  Since they don’t celebrate till late-December, it gives me a chance to relax for a month.  Hmmm…I’ll need to find people to celebrate it with me.  And, need to learn more about each one. This one I’m not ruling out.

Losing the Weight in One Week.  Will that reverse how I gained my holiday weight a week too early?

If you dream it, you can achieve it.  Not in my wildest dreams.

A full cleanse is just something I can’t commit to.

If I know me, I’ll probably gain more weight before Thanksgiving.   Someone has to taste the pie mix to make sure it is just right.

In fact , we are making pies this weekend.  So that mystery is solved.

That leaves one solution

Guilt, eating and enjoying.

But, if you hear of any first of the year gym membership sales, please let me know.

If you need some good pie and dessert recipes, please send me a note.