True Story – Sense

Sense Question Mark


When you see this word, hopefully your first inclination is … this makes sense.

If not, get on board.

While consulting for a loyalty firm, I worked with a 32 year old VP who ended almost every sentence with the word “sense” as a question.

In his search for agreement, he lacked substance.

So you would have to find a nice way to say … actually no, that makes no sense.

If you’ve ever been in this situation, you know how hard it is without losing your cool.

So I would repeat back his words and add what he should be saying to suit the situation.

No luck.

We would go round and round with him saying “sense?”  after every sentence.

I changed my tactic to asking questions breaking everything down into small pieces.

“Do we need a PowerPoint presentation?”

“Do you think we make it heavy on visuals and explain outcomes?”

“Should we introduce the Company’s skills?”

“What do you say to the idea we outline the program in it?”

“Should we break the estimate out into pieces so they can see the cost and impact of each strategy and task? etc.”

So he would answer most of these yes or no sentences.  Maybe add an extra thought or two then say  … sense?

It was hilarious,   He was smart but could not keep a project on schedule or communicate what was in his head.

He had intelligent thoughts but you had to pull it out of him.  On one occasion, he had to write a strategy document for the CEO.   He showed it to me and asked if it made sense.

I asked if he would give me time to really think about it.  I provided feedback in writing.  Thinking this would be more direct and palatable.

Nope.  He went with his original document.  It was then given to me to rewrite with him.

His over indulged confidence and not accepting feedback stalled his career.

Poor, poor Millennial.

Tell us how you have  encountered a person with a catch phrase.