Glasses – I Can See and Adapt

I Can See

Glasses – I Can See and Adapt

After 50 something years, on Saturday I picked up glasses.  Sure they’re blue and as cute as they can be; and I can see.  Well kinda.

However, they are also a big adjustment.  Bigger than I thought it’d be; that’s for sure.  So here’s my story of glasses – I can see and adapt.

Where to start …

What The Optometrist Found

For more than 20 years my right eye has been compensating for my left.  No one ever noticed or found this before.  If you look at my license or passport, you can see my left eye has been squinting mildly all this time.  I don’t have lazy eye, astigmatism or any other oddity.  I just have really bad vision in my left eye.  The good news is I have really good vision in my right eye.

Sticking with good news.  My night vision is fine.

So I can’t explain WTH is happening, but I can tell you how it’s going.

How it Went

Upon walking out of the Optometrist’s office with my new glasses, I tripped 4 times while walking to the car that was 25 feet from the door.  Not off to a good start.

As I was getting into the car, the ground looked like it was wiggly.  You know when you watch TV and they cut to a dream sequence.  That’s what I saw.

Once in the car, the revelation hits me.  I can see.  I didn’t know I couldn’t see, but now I can.

That quickly changed.  Apparently, you are supposed to move your head around until you can find the head position and find the clear vision point.

Wait — glasses take work?  You don’t just put them on and you can see in vivid 4K?  Come on.  No one told me that until after they were made and on.

Well, at that point, I had to run with it.

There we are driving while I’m bobbing my head to find the clear view.  It was getting easier, but as soon as I relaxed; it’s all blurry again.  Ugh

I still cannot regularly find the sweet spot for near sight or far sight.

Am I Not Smart Enough to Wear Glasses?

The answer is yes.  I am not smart enough to wear glasses.  It’s the biggest pain ever.  You have to clean them constantly.  Pain.

Sometimes you can see better without them on.  Seems wrong. Pain.

Every morning, I forget that I wear them.  It takes 30+ minutes for me to realize I forgot them.  Pain.

The first 2 days, I kept covering my right eye so my left eye could learn to be open.  It seemed to work, but as soon as I open both eyes, they left one takes a break.  It just doesn’t want to be part of the seeing world.  Pain.

I Can See and Adapt

I can only see sometimes.  If I force my left eye to stay open, I can see.


I have glasses; and I cannot adapt.  Squinting will continue as will bobbing and weaving to try to get them to work.

Perhaps someday, an inventor will find a way for glasses to work automatically.  You simply put them on and you can see.

Progressive, bi-focals, tri-focals, near sighted or far, when you get glasses, you should be able to see immediately.

I’d love to see who can see and how you adapted to glasses.