Christmas Food Hangover Survival Guide

Christmas Food Hangover

Christmas Food Hangover Survival Guide

Well Christmas just wrapped up.  There are gifts to return, leftovers to freeze and some family visits that still need to be made.  But, how can you do this, when you still have a Christmas Food Hangover?

I’m writing this blog, because I just read an article that gave the same old repackaged ideas how to avoid gaining weight at the holidays.  Use a small plate … are you kidding me?

This is how you handle an Italian Christmas Food Hangover

  1. Exercise like a banshee for 2 weeks before Christmas.  Wait you are too busy making cookies and buying gifts for everyone, anyone knows, there’s no way that can happen.
  2. Exercise like a banshee for 2 weeks after Christmas.  What?  You’ll barely be able to move your feet to get to the fridge to get leftovers or reach the cookie plate on the coffee table.
  3. Slowly ween yourself off the pace you were eating during the holidays.  Ok, that must sounds a little more reasonable.
  4. Slowly move to more proteins and more fruits and vegetables.  Some fried eggplant is a good starter food.
  5. Freeze some of the leftovers.  Now you aren’t tempted to eat them; and saving them for another time.  Hey you may want to remember the holiday, have empty fridge and need to go grocery shopping or just want to eat the stuff.
  6. Slow down the drinking.  Move to wine only.  Forget the cordials, frozen and cream drinks.
  7. Spend sometime with your Madigan friends.  They have no idea what you are trying to overcome and will offer a welcome distraction.
  8. Try to only go out with friends who are from out of town to extend the Christmas celebration.  This will limit your alcohol intake and give you some subtle exercise.
  9. Don’t take Miralax.  Once that takes its course, you’re just going to be hungry again.
  10. Don’t eat anything your great grandmother wouldn’t recognize as food.
  11. Try not to eat alone. lol.  You’re an Italian American, that’s one you don’t have to worry about. 
  12. Halfmoons bought at a gas stations are risky.   They sell fuel; remember that.  If you see halfmoons anywhere except an Italian bakery, do not buy them.  This is a reminder Xmas is over.

There are no 30 day outpatient detox centers or short rehabs for overeating.  These 12 behaviors are your only choice.

Hopefully by following these simple rules, you will be fine by March.  Just three months to getting rid of your Christmas Food Hangover.

Boun appetite and a belated Boun Natale.